Book Five - - Cassidy Jones and the Eternal Flame

"Stokes gives us another edge of your seat adventure with one of the most amazing super-heroine's I've ever read about. I can't tell you how much I love this series."
- Erik, This Kid Reviews Books

"I absolutely LOVED reading Eternal Flame...heart-pounding action, tugging at the heartstrings- this book has a LOT of heart. The whole series continues to grow in complexity and the stakes are raised ever higher. It's a great adventure and a worthwhile read."
- Karie, The Dragon's Nook

"Attention Hollywood: Don't miss the boat on your next big thing! Cassidy Jones is growing up, and she's taking no prisoners! Wow! This book delivered an intense mix of girl power and intrigue, combined with complex relationships and story lines. I ate it up."
- Lisa Jey Davis, bestselling author, marketing & social media professional

"Suffice it to say, the action and intrigue never stop, and the stakes keep getting higher. You'll get a fantastic cardio workout reading it. Also, if you're invested at all in the whole Cassidy/Jared/Emery love triangle, you'll have all kinds of squeals and sighs and screams (in a good way)."
- Lia London, author of The Gypsy Pearl series and Magian High