Book Two - Cassidy Jones and Vulcan's Gift

Imaginative!-Modern!-Unpredictable! Riddled with delightful characters, magical adventure and a captivating plot, Stokes again captures young reader's attention with another dangerous, action-packed adventure…
Gail Welborn,

As in her first book, Elise Stokes proves herself to be a master of suspense for tweens and teens with her ability to unfold a mystery with shocking twists and unexpected turns, all the while entertaining the reader with story lines of high school drama, relationships and pending romance…
- Stephanie Laymon, Five Alarm Book Reviews

Elise Stokes has done it again…This is by far turning out to be one of the most amazing and well-written, middle grade to young adult series I have ever read…This book has it all, wild adventure, non-stop action, hilarious banter, family value and love, teenage angst, and excitement at every turn…simply stunning and beyond superb!
- Kitty Bullard, Great Minds Think Aloud

(Elise Stokes') imagination for thinking up a superb plot is better than most and packaged air-tight, and colorful, bigger-than-life characters are becoming her trademark…
- Michelle Isenhoff, Bookworm Blather

This book was just as exciting as the last…events are fast-paced and high energy. I wouldn't change a thing with the ending. This book is highly recommended…
- Krystal Larson, Live To Read

Whether she's scaling the Space Needle, hunting down a tiger, or trying to decide between the childhood crush and the smoldering but brilliant boy next door, Cassidy Jones does not fail to entertain. Stokes is a superb storyteller and a master of spinning an intriguing plot. Cassidy Jones is more fun than Spiderman and spunkier than Nancy Drew. A great read for teens and the young-at-heart!

- Martina Dalton, Writing For Life

Cassidy is too much for one book to handle, Stokes had to unleash her again for a second book. If you thought she and her friends took you on a wild ride before, you have no idea what you are in for when you crack open Vulcan's Gift
- Amy Eye, The Eyes For Editing