Book One - Cassidy Jones and the Secret Formula

Brimful of danger, secrets, a bit of romance and fun, this debut author’s entertaining plot and well-drawn characters not only is all it promises to be, but will leave readers looking for more. Highly recommended!
Gail Welborn,

A hip, fast-paced adventure chock full of issues young people can relate to. The plot is original and exciting and the characters well-rounded…
- Holly Weiss, author of "Crestmont"

I was hooked from the beginning…The plot was generally original, the climax was pretty epic, and the story had some complex concepts that were explained incredibly well. Not only that, but Stokes painted vivid pictures in my mind with her fantastic use of imagery…
- Gabbi, Book Breather

Everything about this book sucked me in completely…nail-biting action scenes kept the story flowing at a perfect pace, pulling me along on the roller-coaster ride that was Cassidy's life. She was a complete kick-butt heroine who pulled out an arsenal of moves and weapons…
" - Kristin, Better Read Than Dead

I was absolutely intrigued from the very beginning of this story and simply could not put the book down…Elise Stokes ranks up there with other YA masterminds! This is a definite must -read book!
- Kitty Bullard, Great Minds Think Aloud

With a sprinkling of humor, a dash of romance, and plenty of intrigue, this superhero story will keep readers turning the page… Readers of all ages will be delighted with this charming story as they accompany Cassidy Jones on her journey of discovery and growth.
- Katie Bridges, author of "Warriors Of The Edge"

Can I vote now for a movie on this series? With the adventure, the mystery and Cassidy's super powers, Elise Stokes has delivered everything that a young reader could hope for…
- Stephanie Laymon, Five Alarm Book Reviews

Man, did I love this story… I liked stepping out of the love triangle of a lot of books these days and even giving the vampires and werewolves a break. Just a great, fun story.
- Cheryl, Lady Techie's Book Musings

Elise Stokes is a wonderful storyteller. Her characters are rich, believable, as well as relatable...There is adventure, excitement and overall enjoyment with this read…
" - Jen, Jen's Book Den

Elise Stokes ranks up there with other YA masterminds! This is a definite must -read book!
Kitty Bullard, Great Minds Think Aloud Book Club

This book is really exceptional in the sense that it has a wonderful plot, some really interesting characters, a plausible event which started it all, and an adept storyteller who combined all these elements.
Aik Chien, Bookaholics

The book was great! It has now become my favorite book of all time! Not to be hurting Twilight, but it is 10x better than Twilight. It made me want to keep reading! Cassidy's personality is much like real life.
Kristin, Facebook

I think everyone should read this book because it’s a different superhero book. It’s super interesting and super entertaining. I can’t wait to read the next one.
Anna, Facebook

I Love this book. It has everything, action, mystery, drama and a little romance. This book is amazing and perfect for anyone. I love the characters and their relationship. The way Elise Stokes makes you feel like your in the book is truly inspiring. You feel like you are Cassidy Jones. Her problems are your problems. I can't wait for the next book. This is amazing way to start the series!
JohannaH, Amazon

Okay, so I read this book and I thought it was AWESOME! I loved the plot because it wasn't predictable like a lot of YA books I read these days.. and it was reaallllyy interesting ;) plus, there was lots of action ? and that little bit of romantic tension that makes you want more. haha so all in all I loved it, and keep them coming!
Katie, Facebook

Great book. The story kept you interested and the way she got along with everybody while still being a believable teen was kinda nice and fresh. The whole idea of having exciting powers and it was from something that actually might happen someday with gene therapy was cool. Will recommend to all my friends!
Becky, Amazon

Cassidy Jones and The Secret Formula was a fun book to read. It has a very intriguing plot, and the suspense drove me to finish the book under my covers, with the light of my phone. This book is definitely a great read for anyone who likes mystery, danger, and relationships within family, and of course, some romance. Though you shouldn’t take my word for it, read the book!
Laura, Facebook

This is a wonderful first novel by writer Elise Stokes. I thoroughly enjoyed it!
Traci Vujicich, Writer/Motivational Speaker, Goodreads

Cassidy Jones and the secret formula is an awesome book!! Cassidy is my favorite character. The book is a purfect balance of action and romance!! It is totally relatable for teens, yet an unusual idea. I wish that I had Cassidy's powers. The end is full of suspense with a very satisfying ending. Emry is the most mysterious character of all. I love it!! I would recomend it to anyone.
Katie, Facebook

Cassidy Jones is a normal girl in a wonderful family who finds herself dealing with extremely abnormal changes. Elise Stokes has written a book that makes super powers relatable! Cassidy is easy to cheer for and from the genius Emery to the crazy villain Cassidy Jones and the Secret Formula is filled with interesting characters. The writing is clean and clear and the characters are developed with warmth - unless of course they are the bad guys. I am eager to share this book with my daughter and bought two more copies to share with my 12 year old nieces. Can't wait to read Cassidy's next adventure in book two.
Crystal, Amazon

I think what I like best about the character, Cassidy Jones, is that anyone who has lacked confidence or felt awkward or shy can sympathize with her plight. Cassidy is definitely a character in a piece of science fiction, but her very human qualities, played off against the non-human ones she develops, make this an engaging read. The story is not predictable, and her "talents" don't magically solve all of her problems and improve her life. I look forward to seeing how the author develops Cassidy and the other key characters as the series continues.
MCS, Amazon

This book has something for every mindset; action, drama, suspense, romance. I couldn't put the book down!
Electra, Facebook

I read this book mostly as a way to have something to talk about with my nieces who are all into this book right now. I was kind of bracing for a labored "for kids" read, but was totally surprised by how much fun it was! It was high adventure with a good dose of hardy-boy type mystery thrown in for good measure. A great find.
- Sonikcaboos, Goodreads

I thought that Cassidy Jones and the Secret Formula was an incredible book. It had the action, the mystery, and the hints of romance that every good book needs. The characters were incredible and you could really connect with them, besides Cassidy being an above average girl. Her best friend, Emery, was also an Incredible character, he was just so mysterious and unique. Me, being a comic geek, I could easily see this book becoming popular with all readers of any age.
ComicGeek, Amazon

My kids both read Cassidy jones and the Secret Formula and loved it, so I decided to have a look for myself. I enjoyed it very much and would recommend it to others. Stokes is an awesome story-teller with great insight into the teenage mind and the character of Cassidy Jones was engaging and relatable. I look forward to the next book!
E.lolly, Amazon

The characters in this story really make the plot come to life, especially Arthur King. He’s not your regular super villain. His flamboyant and exocentric personality really makes the story captivating. Everything about him is unique.
Josie, Facebook

I liked this book for many reasons. It didn’t have the same plot as all the other books written for girls my age. I’m honestly sick of ‘magic’ and ‘coming of age.’ I liked Cassidy because she is not stereotypical, her family portrays the typical American family, so I could relate to her in that way. I also liked how she and Emery complemented each other.
- Hazel, Facebook

I really liked this book. I felt that the relationships between the characters was very realistic. The part where cassidy discovers her powers was original and very enjoyable.
- Emma, Facebook

I laughed at Mr. Kings hysterical responses to Cassidy when she invaded his building. I never knew what to expect when Emery spoke because he was so unpredictable. An exciting mystery surrounds him. Cassidy Jones is a very fun book, which I truly enjoyed.
Paula, Facebook